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Breast Cancer Network

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Breast Cancer Network (BCN,) a Congregational Care Committee ministry, is a result of the efforts of a First Pres family member who is a breast cancer survivor.  BCN will connect breast cancer survivors with those who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  If the diagnosis of cancer becomes your reality, you are probably overwhelmed with emotions, fears, and questions.  Who better to talk to than someone who has traveled down a similar road?  BCN will provide a comrade who has been on a similar journey and is willing to listen, answer questions and offer wisdom gained through their experience with breast cancer. 


How pairing occurs::

A member who has been diagnosed with breast cancer contacts Liz Prince-Walter, Coordinator of Congregational Care, to be connected to a volunteer on the BCN list.  The BCN list will be provided and participants will select the survivor that relates most closely to their circumstances.


Be someone’s BFF (Breast Friend Forever)

You didn’t choose to have breast cancer, but you can choose to help someone else on their survival journey by sharing your compassion, kindness, and love.  A Breast Cancer Network volunteer is defined as a member of First Presbyterian Church who has survived breast cancer and is willing to share their journey with others who are battling breast cancer.  The volunteer agrees to be put on a Network List that newly diagnosed members may access. The Network List will include the member's name and contact information.

For more information, contact Liz Prince-Walter at  or at the church office.