First Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach

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    Do You Have Enough?

    05.01.14 | Finance | by Gayle Coughanour

    We have heard so often that the reason people do not give more to the church is because they barely make enough money to make ends meet, so how can they give to the church? They think that when they get caught up financially or when they make a...

      A Testimony from Elder Lee Worsham

      05.01.14 | Finance | by Lee Worsham

      During the course of assisting with corporation documents for our Church and for the brand new ECO Presbytery of Florida, Inc., I had to study the ECO Constitution in some depth, which I'm embarrassed to say, I really hadn't done before. In so...

        A Testimony from Colin Arnold

        01.01.14 | Finance | by Colin Arnold

        When I received my first paycheck, I remember how good it felt to have worked hard for 2 weeks and then get paid. That next Sunday as I was sitting in church and the offering plate was passed, I let it go by me without so much as a thought that I...

          A Testimony from Elder Lee Worsham

          10.01.13 | Finance | by Lee Worsham

          God wants us to have an abundant life. He wants us to be happy and content. Yet, he has made us so that without Him coming into and working in our lives, we have holes in our hearts. Until we find Him and the Holy Spirit comes into us, we seek in...

            Estate Planning

            03.01.13 | Finance | by Gayle Coughanour

            Do you have a will? Even if you are young or do not have many assets, it is important to have one so that you, and not the state, can direct the distribution of your assets to the people and charities that you care about most. As Christians, we...