First Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach


A Testimony from Colin Arnold

    01.01.14 | Finance | by Colin Arnold

    When I received my first paycheck, I remember how good it felt to have worked hard for 2 weeks and then get paid. That next Sunday as I was sitting in church and the offering plate was passed, I let it go by me without so much as a thought that I ought to actually put something in it. This was my first paycheck and I had worked hard for it! I felt like I deserved to enjoy it. As I went on with my day, I remembered that when I was little, my parents gave me money to put in the offering plate every Sunday. They explained that we, as Christians, are called to return a portion of what God had blessed out family with. At that time, I thought it just went in one ear and out the other. Now as an adult, I was having one of those moments where I realized what my parents had said years ago was influencing my current actions (those are scary moments!). So as I continued to ponder how much to give, I suddenly realized that the dollar amount itself was not as important as the attitude that I had while giving. (Although I do believe there is precedence in the Bible for how much we out to give.) It was about acknowledging to God that all I have was due to Him pouring out His blessings on my life. I have since realized that with regular giving, my relationship and dependence on God has grown much deeper. I would encourage each of us to evaluate not only the gift itself, but the attitude that is in our hearts as we give back to God what He has entrusted to each of us.