First Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach


A Testimony from Elder Lee Worsham

    10.01.13 | Finance | by Lee Worsham

    God wants us to have an abundant life. He wants us to be happy and content. Yet, he has made us so that without Him coming into and working in our lives, we have holes in our hearts. Until we find Him and the Holy Spirit comes into us, we seek in vain to fill these empty spots. We seek to fill these holes with various idols, like becoming workaholics and many other pastimes that compete with God for His affection.

    It is true that the world interferes with us truly knowing and enjoying God. As one who has run head long down many blind alleys, only to be disappointed, my journey has finally been a happy one. First Pres has been a place of growth for me and only God, through the Holy Spirit, could have made the changes in my life that He did. If I had not been at First Pres, I don't know if this would have happened. It has taken me a long time to understand the message that, "for we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10.

    As disciples, doing good works in the name of Jesus as part of Christian fellowship is something that First Pres gives us a ringside opportunity to accomplish with God. As you know, this takes resources in the form of funding to maintain the buildings, pay for insurance, electricity, salaries, etc., etc. I pray that we continue to support God's good works that are being accomplished in so many ways through First Pres and that this financial support through His tithes and your offerings is part of the good works that God has prepared each of us to do.