About Us


Equipping people to pursue and share gospel-driven lives.


  • Biblical Rooted - We believe the Bible is God’s Word and the primary means by which we know God. God’s commands and promises are the pathway to life, blessings and wholeness.
  • Caring Deeply - We are a family dedicated to love and support one another.
  • Serving Together - We use our individual and collective gifts to serve our church and community.
  • Developing Leaders - We equip people to discover their calling and embrace their role in building God’s Kingdom.
  • Missionary Focused - We strategically invest in opportunities to spread the Gospel everywhere.

mission strategy

Pattern Of Participation And Involvement In Our Faith Community

  • Starting Point - The place people go to learn more about First Pres and how they can get involved in the life of the church. 
  • Attend a Worship Service weekly. 
  • Connect in a small group regularly. 
  • Serve on a team at least monthly.