Our Mission

The central dynamic of all Christian teaching and life is the news- the “gospel”- of what God’s done for the cosmos in Jesus Christ.

our mission is to equip people to pursue and share gospel-driven lives.

  • Biblically Rooted - The Bible narrates what God’s done for us in Christ, so all our life and teaching are rooted in Holy Scripture. The Scriptures are “the territory in which Christians expect to hear God speaking,” as one church leader puts it.
  • Caring Deeply - We believe we’re hard-wired for community, and that the grace of Jesus creates a new, utterly unique kind of human community. And so, we see FPC as a web of relationships where we learn to live the care and love of Jesus together.
  • Serving Together - God intends each of us to be a conduit of Christ’s grace and truth, and so we’re passionate about helping everyone unearth how they’re called to use their story, gifts, and talents to serve others. 
  • Developing Leaders - We see FPC as a “teaching hospital”: a setting in which women and men can discover and refine their gifts and unearth the shape of their calling to serve God’s kingdom.
  • Missionally Focused - The Gospel is good news for everyone, everywhere; so FPC cares deeply about being a church that exists not just for ourselves, but for others; and we invest ourselves in multiplying new communities of Jesus around our region and around the world. 

Latest Articles from Pastor Jared

All Saints, A Little Early: Remembering Michael - I drew a volume from the shelf in my study the other day, and as I placed it on my desk, enlisting it in the week’s sermon preparation, it fell open to the first page, and there on the upper right hand corner, scrawled in pen, was the familiar name: “Michael Prewitt.”...

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Hazardous Conditions & The Heidelberg - One gift of my present context in Palm Beach is oceanfront proximity: there’s only a couple miles between our family’s front door and any number of idyllic beaches (I know, we’re suffering for the Gospel down here, but someone’s gotta do it). At the beachfront parks here, large chalkboard signs posted at the entrance of park paths orient us to the oceanic conditions: high and low tide times, wind speed, water temperature....

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