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Lenten Devotionals

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Internal reflection. Faith unimpeded. Complete surrender. Spiritual growth. The season of Lent provides us opportunities to walk through these life-changing experiences as we enter complete submission to our Almighty God. As we sacrifice the pleasures of this world, we are driven to draw on the strength of the Holy Spirit. Through this time of growth, we are brought closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, as we reflect upon the forty days He spent in the wilderness, preparing for His ministry on earth. His model for this period of reflection exemplifies for us that when we look internally and depend on God, no temptation will overtake us because our God is faithful and He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to handle and even better, He will always provide us a way of escape. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

This season also provides the First Pres family an opportunity to gather together each day of Lent through the pages of this devotional. The Fellowship Committee has compiled these devotions written by the pastors, members, and friends of First Pres. Some of the devotionals are from years past and some are newly penned. Whether new or old, the reflections shared on the following pages are a great gift from these individuals who have opened their souls by sharing with us words of inspiration, encouragement, and hope. We invite you to use these devotions as a daily source of help during the Lenten season. Draw on the scriptures, reflections, and prayers, as you prepare for Easter and your worship of our beloved God. From Ash Wednesday to Easter, we hope you will join us, not only on these pages, but also as we gather together to celebrate throughout the season. Please find a schedule of our worship services on the last two pages of this book. We hope you will join with us in worship on Ash Wednesday, throughout Lent and during Holy week, as we celebrate our risen Savior, and the path He took to secure our salvation!

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