Discovery Weekend II

    02.02.20 | Faces of First Pres

    Discovery Weekend II was a three day event full of laughter, inspiration, great food, uplifting worship music, and lasting friendships.  Friday night, January 31st, was the kick-off, which was a welcome party.  Participants returned home at night for sleep and then reconvened the following morning.  Saturday was a full day experience, including three meals and hearing transformative talks from several of our pastors, as well as personal stories from members of our church on subjects such as prayer, communication, the Church, God's world, and perseverance.  On Sunday morning, the participants attended church and had lunch together before parting ways.  

    Marissa Johnson and Jamie Wallace organized the weekend, and we had many volunteers working in various capacities to make the weekend a great success.  We will have another Discovery Weekend in the future.  Plan to attend.  It will change your life.