The Endowment Fund is designed to be the steward of special lifetime and testamentary gifts, over and above regular tithes and offerings, made by those of us whose lives have been touched, enriched and even transformed, by the Church. First Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach is not just a local, physical place constructed of bricks and mortar where people come to worship.  Instead, it is a Church that has financial and human resources that are dedicated to creating disciples of Jesus Christ, nurturing members’ Christian faith and fostering a compassionate community for meaningful fellowship.  When we become members of this Church, we become sustainers of the Church and its purpose and, in turn, by God’s grace, the Church becomes a sustaining force in our lives. As an addition to the Church’s operating budget and, importantly, not as a replacement for it, the Endowment Fund prudently invests and manages the gifts it receives so that the Fund will grow as a lasting resource.  The fruits of this endowment are to be used to advance the Church’s ongoing Mission in ways that would be impossible without such long-term stewardship, and to further develop programs that will continue to enrich this unique relationship between the Church and its Members, as mutual sustainers, generation upon generation.