Worship Through Giving


For Christians, the giving of their material resources to the ministry and service of the Church is one primary way in which we practice the freedom of worshipping God.

It is a joyful response to God’s generosity in giving us Christ (2 Cor. 8.8-9). All of our service to God, and our service to our neighbors in Palm Beach county and around the world is funded entirely by the financial participation of those who are part of our community. We appreciate your generous investment in what God is doing through FPC!



Join us Sunday morning! Simply place cash or checks in the offering plate during the collection at our services. Offering envelopes are available for those who give frequently; envelopes are are also available in the pews. We appreciate cash donations being placed in envelopes with your name and address on them, so we can give proper credit to your account.


You can also drop off checks to the office or mail them. Please make checks payable to First Presbyterian Church and send to 717 Prosperity Farms Road, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.


There are two methods for giving online: our website or our church app. Securely save your debit/credit card or bank information, set up one-time or recurring gifts, and track your giving history. On the church app, click on "GIVING" or give online here:

Give Online


Simply text an amount you would like to give to (561) 283-0061. The first time it will require you to fill complete a profile including entering a debit or credit card number. Any following transaction will automatically process using that same card. Using the word general or missions, etc. after your donation amount will allocate your donation to a specific fund. When you give via text you will receive a confirmation text message with your giving summary.



You can donate non-cash gifts like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or cars. Transfer ownership of your stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares by contacting your broker and providing them with First Presbyterian Church's broker: Morgan Stanley account number 501-049930, DTC number 0015.


The Endowment Fund is designed to be the steward of special lifetime and testamentary gifts, over and above regular tithes and offerings, made by those of us whose lives have been touched, enriched and even transformed, by the Church. First Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach is not just a local, physical place constructed of bricks and mortar where people come to worship. Instead, it is a Church that has financial and human resources that are dedicated to creating disciples of Jesus Christ, nurturing members’ Christian faith and fostering a compassionate community for meaningful fellowship. When we become members of this Church, we become sustainers of the Church and its purpose and, in turn, by God’s grace, the Church becomes a sustaining force in our lives. As an addition to the Church’s operating budget and, importantly, not as a replacement for it, the Endowment Fund prudently invests and manages the gifts it receives so that the Fund will grow as a lasting resource. The fruits of this endowment are to be used to advance the Church’s ongoing Mission in ways that would be impossible without such long-term stewardship, and to further develop programs that will continue to enrich this unique relationship between the Church and its Members, as mutual sustainers, generation upon generation.

If you are interested in giving to First Presbyterian in another way, please contact Gayle Coughanour at

 I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ. - Philemon 1:6


God has called us to serve generously. We do this when we respond to God by supporting the needs of the church, community and world—when we serve others and share our time, talents and finances. We do this when we pray for people, show love, and live each day with God's wisdom. We do this by celebrating what God is doing—in our church and in the lives of others.


At First Pres, we're passionate about reaching people for Christ! Participating fully in the life at First Pres involves Connecting, Growing, Serving, and Leading. Find your place by checking out the different ministry opportunities available, and get involved today!

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