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During your experience of "Exploring First Pres", we will give you a snapshot of this wonderful congregation. Whether you decide to join or not, we look forward to getting to know you and walking with you in your own life of discipleship. We want to be of help to you as you take your next steps. 

Rev. Ayers, Senior Pastor


  • Join us for worship
  • Attend a Covenant Partners/Inquirers' Class. Interested in making a commitment to follow Jesus in covenant with the First Pres family: Come explore First Pres in our new member class.  We will get to know one another, hear from pastors and staff and share our spiritual journeys. The process of joining the church is an important way to make a commitment to follow Jesus in community.  Membership involves being "in covenant" with the Church, to love it, to pray for it, to serve it and to give to it.    Email Suds Southard at to register and receive more information.
  • After the covenant partner meetings, the Session will meet with those who would like to make a commitment to join First Pres and will receive them as covenant partners.
  • New covenant partners will be welcomed at a church service after they meet with the Session.
  • Covenant partnership will be by profession of faith and baptism for those who are professing their faith for the first time, or by reaffirmation of faith for those who have previously professed faith publicly and are already baptized.


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