Responding to Jesus

"Responding to Jesus" series

Advent through Epiphany, 2020/2021

Could it be true, this Bethlehem story of a Creator descending to be born on one small planet? If so, it is a story like no other… Little wonder a choir of angels broke out in spontaneous song, disturbing not only a few shepherds but the entire universe.  -Philip Yancey

The first angelic messenger, trumpeting the Christmas Gospel, declared that the announcement of Jesus’ arrival in the world was “good news of great joy for all people.”  The good news of Jesus, in other words, is for everybody. So, whether you’re a seasoned follower of Jesus, or are only beginning to explore the claims of Christian faith, we want to invite you to join us for our Responding to Jesus series. Over the Advent and Christmas seasons, we’ll be reflecting on a number of passages from the Gospels which depict for us what it looks like to respond to the good news of Jesus- what it means to wait for Him, turn toward Him, welcome Him, follow Him, listen to Him. So plan on joining us at First Presbyterian, whether in person or online, as we respond to God’s good news for everyone!

 Out of town? Miss a week? You can watch prior sermons from this series here: First Pres YouTube Channel


 Advent & Christmas services- you can find info for our Lessons & Carols and Christmas Eve services at First Presbyterian here: Advent & Christmas | First Pres NPB

 Advent & Christmas devotional- We prepared a prayerbook devotional with a daily rhythm of Scripture and prayers for meditation, as well as reflections written by members of our community, which you can download here: Advent 2020 Brochure

 Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent & Christmas-  WATCH FOR THE LIGHT Readings for Advent and Christmas

This beautiful anthology of readings for the  Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons collects together Christian voices from the past and present to invite reflection on the Christmas Gospel.